honda cbf 250 top speed

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Honda never really intended the CBF 250 to be anything resembling a sports bike. It’s a single-cylinder commuter bike with 22 bhp, a top speed of 80 mph, and a kerb weight of 138 kilograms. The cbf 250 typically sells well to first time bike buyers or to commuters in South East Asia and India – although some of them have been customised in the past, I think it’s safe to say none have been done quite like this. Pepo started the build by disassembling the bike and inspecting the parts.

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Although the top speed may not be much better (probably 80-85mph), if it’s anything like my CD250U (which was a 250 twin) then the acceleration will be much better, and the engine will be a whole lot more flexible due to the extra torque.

Honda cartwheeled at speed. Maxxis/FMF/RPM Racing KTM’s Austin Serpa, Reno Motorsports KTM’s Corey Fletcher (the Pro 250.

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The CBR 250 R might do 90 mph with a draft on a track, but it will be pushing it to the hilt. The bike has plenty of power on the highways to do a constant 70-75, but it will really strain over.

Honda has been making similar 250 engines for over 10 years and they have always dominated the 250 market until now with the new GTR250 which is all looks. Air cooled engine is very reliable – take a look at CB250’s from last decade, they outrun the odo’s before the engine will die.

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Honda XL250. The bike is completely mechanically operated as there are no hydraulics on the bike. The 250cc motor produces 24 horsepower and the bike weighs 288lbs with oil, grease, and gasoline. Fuel capacity is 2.388 gallons. demand for this model has remained high among collectors and enthusiasts.

The CBF250 gets its impressive power from a high-revving DOHC 4-valve engine that starts quickly with the push of a button and pumps out an impressive surge of acceleration to maximise riding enjoyment. Its light and sturdy frame, responsive front fork and aluminium Monoshock swingarm deliver quick.