How to Measure Screws UK

Explanation of screws, screw types, screw sizes, screw lengths, screw threads and other general hints. Size, A wood screw is described by two measurements .

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Pan Head or Round Head screws are measured from under the head. Carriage Bolts. Carriage bolts are measured from directly under the head. Lag Bolts (Lag Screws) Lag Bolts are measured from under the head. Sheet Metal screws. sheet metal screw measurement depends upon the type of screw you are using.

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how to describe a wood screw. In the United States, a wood screw is sized by its. length, gauge, head style (for example, flat head), type of drive (for example, slotted or Phillips) and increasingly by style of screw.

The nominal length of a screw is usually, though not always, measured from below the head to the tip of the screw. If no head exists, such as on a grub screw or threaded bar, the screw would be measured from end-to-end. For more information on measuring the length of screws, see our article How to Measure the Length of a Screw. Exceptions

Some screws will have both types of measurement on their packaging, but not all. The individual screw length sizing charts below will help you.

This video shows the correct way to measure bolts, screws or nuts. link to gauge:

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A no 8 or no 10 is general common thickness, have a look on your wall plugs they say screw size on there. Alternatively get a box with various sizes and replenish whichever ones you use most with correct size. Length is over all with countersunk and from under head to tip with other heads.