How to Safety Wire Motorcycle Bolts

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If these are through bolts and nuts, Moonlight Machine is correct. Safety wire is a waste of time for this application. Use a self locking nut and/or Loctite. Save the safety wire for fasteners that are screwed into blind holes, where you can’t use a locking nut on the other side.

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Hardest part was drilling the oil drain bolt (did it on the bike, did the fill and radiator off) with a shitty drill and dull bit also from HF. You don’t have to wire bolts to bolts, just wire to a bracket or even drill another hole in a fin if need be. Total cost for everything (wire, center punch, drill, bits, pliers) was around $50.

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I plan to buy some safety wire from but not sure what diameter to purchase. 1/4 lb of .020" stainless steel safety wire costs less than 8 bucks! pit posse sells .032" safety wire for street bike guys to wire bolts but that seems a bit too big for grips imo.

We have the best prices on dirt bike, atv and motorcycle parts, apparel and. The hex of the bolts have been pre-drilled for use of safety wire so you do not lose.

Cut the length. The wire should be cut to a length that is a little bit longer than twice that distance between the bolts. 3. Take the safety wire, thread one end of the safety wire through one of the holes and pull it back, and thread the other end through another hole in the same bolt and bring them together.

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Eddie Member. Neither us, nor either CCS or WERA in my experience have really required anything other than safety wire being applied and twisted for the required parts. However, the correct way to safety wire is to actually insert the wire through the bolt head, and wrap around clockwise (for a standard right hand thread) and then twist.

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The tail is supposed to be on the opposite side of the bolt head from the section that spans the two bolts. For every additional section and the tail, the direction of twist is reversed. This is done to hold the tie wire down and keep it from rolling over the top of the bolt head.