japanese motorcycle nuts and bolts fasteners

BOLT’s hardware is the same size, style and finish you find on Japanese dirt bikes. This kit includes an assortment of M5, M6 & M8 hex flange bolts, fender washers, pan head screws, button head bolts, nuts, and cotter pins. There is also a full set of sprocket bolts and chain adjuster bolts and nuts.

We produce hardware kits for off-road motorcycles, sport bikes & ATVs. Our fasteners meet or exceed OEM factory specs. Proudly designed and produced in the USA.

Reduced Head sizes in relation to Japanese Standard Institute fasteners. These may be a straight replacement for existing parts or your own replacement. REDUCED/ SMALL HEADS ARE NOT AS STRONG OR AND DO NOT SPREAD FIXING PRESSURE AS NORMAL HEADED BOLTS/ NUTS WOULD.

Universal Moulding Clips & Fasteners; Body Bolts & Nuts. body bolts; hex Washer Head Spin Lock Bolts & Nuts — Black Phosphate. BOLT Motorcycle Hardware. Factory style replacement hardware for Japanese motorcycles. Small Head Hex Flange Bolts. Euro Style Metric Motorcycle Hardware.

use for automobiles and motorcycles. JIS: An Eastern Standard JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standard. Because of their eastern origin, JIS bolts are a type of metric bolt as opposed to the U.S. standard. JIS bolts reflect the philosophies of design and manufacture many Japanese industries have become world renowned for.

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Resources for nuts, bolts, screws and related fasteners for motorcycles (bottom of page), including titanium, anodized, stainless steel, metric and more. If you have a tip on a good online source of fasteners that sells in small lot sizes, please send it to [email protected] Don’t forget.

Universal Moulding Clips & Fasteners; Body Bolts & Nuts. Body Bolts; Hex Washer Head Spin Lock Bolts & Nuts — black phosphate. euro Style Metric Motorcycle Hardware; Fairing Bolts; Aluminum Bushings/Collar Washers;. (Japanese) Metric Hex Bolts. Class 8.8 hex head cap screws.

Welcome to Mr Megapack’s website. We have a great range of fastener kits for classic Japanese and European bikes. We stock conventional metric and metric fine nuts and bolts as well as JIS phillips screws along with a range of stainless, chrome nuts and bolts.

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