Tighten Motorcycle Flywheel Bolts

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To tighten up the shift. t use this heat-checked flywheel. Besides, it’s externally balanced for the stock cast crank 340. If your stock flywheel is in good condition, the McLeod RST or RXT.

Tap the flywheel as far as you can onto the crank with a copper hide / soft mallet. Thread lock the flywheel center bolt, take the center pin away from the cat and engage it into the bolt. Tighten the bolt as far as it’ll go using a spanner socket etc.

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How to fix a stripped bolt hole Insert the six bolts and nuts and tighten finger tight. move the dish into its proper position using the circle you marked on the disc. Now torque the six bolts to 15 to 20 ft lb. (use an alternating pattern). Using the same alternating pattern re-toque the bolts (you will find most bolts were out of torque due to the compression of the backing.

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How to Remove a Mercury Flywheel by Cameron Easey .. Thread the flywheel puller onto the flywheel and tighten it with an adjustable wrench. Insert a socket wrench into the bolt on the flywheel puller. turn the socket wrench to the right until the flywheel comes off the crankshaft.

What happens if you over or under torque the pressure plate on a clutch? How does the car react?. they can brake off and be hard to remove, or ruin bolt holes in flywheel. Also bolts rattling around with flywheel 9& between places) tends to break. tighten to specs and you’ll be fine. if.

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To tighten your headset, first loosen the side bolts on your stem, then tighten the top bolt. It should be tight enough to pull the fork, headset, stem and any spacers snugly together, but not so.

Slide a bolt into each hole of the flywheel puller tool. Screw the bolts into the holes on top of the flywheel that are on each side of the crankshaft. Tighten the two flywheel puller tool bolts.

In perusing my manual, there is no table listing all in one list. They only offer the specs in the area when installing the particular fastener. For example, maintenance items are listed, then when you tighten the flywheel bolt, it tells you the spec, etc.

Nut and Bolt Sizes Chart The bolt grip length charts linked below are especially handy when replacing non-AN bolts. Measure the total thickness of the parts being bolted together (not including washers, nut, or female threads). Locate the bolt diameter and grip length (total thickness) in the table to find the required dash size.