yamaha wr125x review

The Yamaha WR125R loves adventures. All you have to do is jump on the saddle and fire up the engine then you can venture to the woods or other dirty tracks. The bike features a tasty of road.

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having had Yamaha YZF125R I am familiar with the engine performance as the WR125X has the same engine although the WR125X accelerates on par but is not as capable at speeds 50+ mph but this is due to the limited faring and the upright riding position is not anywhere near as aerodynamic as the YZF125R, the areas where the WR125X excels are comfort as the upright riding position is much kinder on the wrists and the seat is more comfortable than it looks although I wouldn’t want to be on it for.

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The Yamaha WR125X looks like a solid, chunky motorcycle – rare in this class of machine – and feels it, too, but in a good, substantial way. The Yamaha oozes quality, is well built and feels like.

***THE YAMAHA WR125X REALLY IS FAB, FAST & LOTS OF FUN***Registered November 2010 on a ’60 plate with just 7,829 miles. Presented in Yamaha Black this WR125X is absolutely lovely in standard trim.

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The Yamaha WR125X is a learner friendly Supermoto style bike and is powered by a liquid cooled 124.7cc single cylinder four stroke engine, producing 14.75bhp at 9,000rpm and maximum torque at 8,000rpm. The engine is basically the same as the YZF-R125 (2008-2013) with modified gear ratios. Features include: Steel tubular frame

A short Review of my friend’s 2015 Yamaha WR125X with a super loud full leo vince exhaust system. Complete with a top speed test 😀 Awesome little bike!